MOL Group and Yedem Garage Parking Solution


MOL Group, a multinational energy company, operates in over 30 countries and employs thousands of people worldwide. Their Prague office has seen significant growth, now housing around 300 employees. With this expansion, the company faced three major challenges:

  1. Limited parking spaces for their employees. With only 33 spaces and about 300 employees, there were roughly 9 employees for every single parking space. This created an imbalance, causing stress and discontent among the workforce, while also limiting the company's potential growth.
  2. An inefficient system for managing the available parking spaces. Without a fair allocation system, employees could not plan their commute properly. With an estimated average of 200 employees commuting by car daily, the lack of a systematic parking solution led to around 83% of commuting employees potentially being left without a parking space on any given day.
  3. The escalating cost of parking spaces. For example, considering the average monthly cost of a parking space in Prague at $100, the cost to provide parking for all commuting employees would be a staggering $20,000 per month. This was financially unviable for the company, forcing MOL Group to find a more cost-effective solution.

To tackle these challenges, MOL Group partnered with Yedem Garage, a parking booking app, to address their parking space shortage.


The app featured a tiered user system with four different priority levels:

  • Top priority users: always assured a parking space when requested.
  • Second-level priority users: granted a parking space after top priority users.
  • Third-level priority users: allocated parking spaces if any remain after the first two levels.
  • Fourth-level priority users: offered parking spaces if any are still available after the first three levels.
  • Users can reserve parking for mornings, afternoons, or whole days, while the admin console allows the receptionist to manage visitor parking by inputting the visitor's license plate and name, ensuring a reserved space for them.


The real-time view of parking capacity provided by Yedem Garage brought several advantages to MOL Group:

  • Improved commute and transport planning: Employees can plan their travel efficiently, knowing whether a parking space is available for them or not.
  • Optimal utilization of parking spaces: Unused parking spaces are made available to employees of lower priority levels, ensuring maximum usage of the available resources.
  • Fair allocation of parking spaces: The tiered user system ensures that all employees have an opportunity to reserve parking spaces based on their priority level, creating a fair and transparent system.
  • Enhanced visitor experience: The admin console allows receptionists to manage visitor parking seamlessly, offering a hassle-free experience for both the visitors and the company.


Yedem Garage's parking booking app proved to be an effective solution for MOL Group's parking space shortage. The app's innovative features, such as the tiered user system and real-time parking capacity view, ensured optimal utilization of parking spaces and a fair allocation system for employees. By using Yedem Garage, MOL Group not only managed to solve their parking challenges but also succeeded in improving employee satisfaction and enhancing their visitor experience. By addressing the pain points, the company could create an environment that enabled optimal resource utilization and promoted fairness and transparency, setting a benchmark for similar workplaces facing parking issues. Ultimately, the adoption of the Yedem Garage's parking booking app was a cost-effective, smart solution that allowed MOL Group to mitigate the parking issues arising from their growing workforce.

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