Fair parking at three Kiwi.com offices

Client overview

Kiwi.com is a leading global online travel agency that specializes in providing customers with the cheapest flight, train, and bus connections. Founded in 2012, the company has experienced rapid growth and expansion, now employing over 2,000 professionals across its offices in Brno, Prague, and Bratislava.


Kiwi.com faced a parking space management challenge at its Brno location, where it has only 150 parking spaces for its 2,000 employees. Of these, 70 spaces are situated inside, while the remaining are located in an external parking lot. Some employees have dedicated parking spaces, but when they are not at work, these spaces go unused. Kiwi.com sought a solution to optimize parking space usage and allow employees to reserve spots in advance, particularly when traveling to another office in a different city.


Kiwi.com partnered with Yedem to implement the Yedem Garage parking booking app. The app facilitates a fair distribution of parking spaces, enabling employees to make reservations for available spots via iOS and Android platforms. Users are notified a day in advance if they have been assigned a parking space, allowing them to plan their commute or opt for an alternative mode of transportation if necessary. Employees with personal parking spaces can also make them available for others when they are not in the office.

Additionally, the app enables cross-office parking reservations for employees traveling between Kiwi.com's various locations, and administrators can reserve parking spaces for visitors. Yedem Garage integrates with Slack, sending notifications through the platform to streamline communication. The app also utilizes GPS notifications, alerting drivers to their assigned parking space number upon arrival, eliminating the need to check the app manually.

We as Kiwi.com faced a parking space management challenge at our Brno location, with limited spaces for our 2000 employees. Yedem Garage's parking booking app provided the perfect solution. Now, employees can reserve spots in advance, ensuring fair distribution and efficient utilization of resources. Cross-office reservations and Slack integration have streamlined the process, saving time and improving employee satisfaction. Yedem Garage has transformed our parking experience, optimizing management and providing cost savings. We highly recommend it for any company facing parking challenges.Barbora Uhrová, Facility Coordinator, Kiwi.com


The implementation of Yedem Garage has brought several benefits to Kiwi.com:

  • Efficient utilization of parking spaces, reducing wasted resources.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction due to a streamlined and fair parking reservation process.
  • Improved planning and flexibility for employees, allowing them to choose the most convenient mode of transportation.
  • Time and cost savings for the company by optimizing parking management.
  • Seamless integration with existing communication tools, like Slack, to facilitate ease of use and adoption.

By adopting Yedem Garage, Kiwi.com has successfully transformed its parking experience, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings, and overall convenience for its employees.

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