About us

Yedem is a carpooling company based in Brno, Czech Republic. We are a company which provides a platform that connects those who have free seats in their cars with those who want to go in the same direction. Yedem further provides corporate mobility solution, that helps companies save money from paid parking spots, use their company‘s cars more effectively and boost their social corporate responsibility.

We are a team of young enthusiasts who are not satisfied with the environment in their cities. We are aware that there is a plenty of room for improvement. With growing number of cars, a problem of high traffic is emerging as the government is not able to catch up with this enormous change. This is causing unbearable pollution, parking spots are dissapearing and transportation costs are increasing. Our platform is enabling people to travel in cities more effectively, cheaper, and more enviromentaly friendly which is to the benefit of all of us.

Our vision is to reduce pollution and improve city transportation by teaching people to use their cars more effectivily and share their free seats with others who are going in the same direction. By enabling this to people, we all will reduce pollution, we all will improve the city transportation and we will make the transportation cheaper for everyone.